La Maga ROOMS is not a conventional accommodation, therefore it´s a meeting place for all those unconventional travellers. Perhaps you wonder what it means to be conventional and if being conventional can or should be taken as positive, reprehensible or even necessary. That´s how Cortazar describe this type of people:

“…Those who have specific dates, are the same who need lined writing paper to write each other or need squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom”

There are other people: those who far away from programs, adverts, huge conventional rules and classifications. Those who far away from drawers in which the hand can move in the dark to find out in a expected place, something that was left there, precisely to be found, prefer above all, discovery.

For those who trust in the wisdom of the path itself and are capable of being carried away by their shoes, ignoring what reason dictates, building reality step by step, with a stroke of pure present. There are places for them like La Maga ROOMS.

Once your there, you´ll meet Estela.
You will easily recognize her: with her blonde hair, Little girl´s body and her two dimples flanking her mouth every time she smiles. You will probably catch her stroking a cat, or maybe you hear her talking to a dog or a flower while gently watering the plants. She will be your host all throughout your stay in La Maga, and she will know what to do so your stay is memorable and personal, because she is like you, don´t forget it, she´ll give you whatever you need and in a proper way.

“…And it was so natural to cross the road, going up the bridge steps, entering her slim waist and approaching La Maga who smiled with no surprised, convinced as I was that a casual encounter was the least casual in our lives…”